Friday, June 10, 2011


As I type this there is a gentleman sitting in the corner of my living room copying the Encyclopedia of Erotic Wisdom's entry on male orgasm out by hand.

He is serving an hour's detention with me for repeated use of foul language.

About 10 minutes ago he arrived for his appointment carrying the list of required supplies: A pad of paper, two sharpened pencils, a pencil sharpener and an eraser. He carefully laid the items out on the table for my inspection. They met with my approval and so the detention began.

Detentions served with me always begin and end with a dose of corporal punishment. I believe a sore bottom helps a "boy" focus on his task and drives home the point that detentions are a very unpleasant experience that is best avoided.

I lowered his pants and under shorts and ordered him to bend over the desk. He took his position and braced himself for six sharp paddle cracks across his bare bottom cheeks. He yelped at the first, moaned at the third and shed a few tears at the fourth.

Then, with his pants still around his ankles he sat his well reddened bottom down on a hard wooden chair to begin his tasks.

Detention rules are strict. He is not allowed to speak. He is not allowed to get up. He is not allowed to lift his feet off the floor or even shift in his seat to relieve the sting in his bottom. No snacks, no drinks, no music. Just the tedium of continuous writing and the throb of his bottom against the hard wooden seat.

He will have two tasks to complete.

When he is finished with the entry from the encyclopedia he will draw up a list of words he could use other than the four letter ones he cannot seem to stop spotting at every opportunity.

Once this is done I will escort him to the bathroom where he will have his mouth washed out with soap. The list is coming with us. He will read it aloud as he bends over the sink. He will receive a lick of the strap for each word he reads out.

Then we will come back in the living room and end his detention with another six crisp swats of the paddle.

On top of this, his work will be inspected and graded. He will receive another lick of the strap for each error found.

I believe it will be quite some time before he swears again.

Of course swearing is not the only thing I give paddlings or detention for. There are as many ways for a man to get himself in trouble as there are men. And unfortunately, not everyone has the good fortune to live close enough to an experienced disciplinarian to have real, in-person supervision.

However, I do offer online detentions supervised via internet and telephone for those who may think their own behavior could use a little improvement.

If this applies to you, report to me immediately.