Sunday, March 31, 2013

How To Get Lady Koregan Interested In Corsets:

Put both Vincent Van Gogh AND the TARDIS on one!

God help me, I think I actually want this.

Madgirl Cothing is available through Esty 

The piece is made by Madgirl Clothing, if anyone else is interested

Really I don't go in for fetishwear. I like to be comfortable. 

But this is just the right kind of geeky and sexy to be fun. 

Definitely different-- in a very good way!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Kinky Grease

That's Grease the movie, not Greece the country....

Does anyone else see a certain element of Femdom in the closing scenes/song "You're the One That I Want"?

Sandy shows up in a leather jacket, tight- almost corseted looking- outfit, and high heeled sandals, smoking a cigarette.

Danny hits the ground, because her "power" is making him lose control. His face is inches away from her painted toes, practically kissing them as we get this great close up of her crushing her cigarette out with her foot.

Then she tells him "you better shape up", and starts kicking his can around the carnival.

Up until that point in the movie Sandy's been a very good girl and been very, very nice to Danny, only to get treated very poorly by him as a result.

But boy do things change once she decides she's not taking it anymore.

And shape up he does. FAST.

This is the story of a woman taking control, deciding what she wants and going out to get it. Her way.

And that's Femdom, pure and simple.

~Lady Koregan