Sunday, November 6, 2011

How to Torment a Boy

I spent a fun hour this morning making a favorite boy squirm and beg for me.

It was his birthday, but his suffering was a present for me.

Here's how you do such a thing properly:

1)      Bind him in inventive ways that make him feel totally helpless while still leaving his most sensitive places vulnerably exposed.
2)      Place a vibrating ring in a strategic place and turn it on its lowest setting.
3)      Slowly begin a gentle flogging of his back and ass.
4)      Tell him he can ask you to stop at any time and you will, but that if you stop you will turn off the ring.
5)      Then tell him you will turn the ring up a setting every time you trade up to a more intense whip.
6)      See how far he’s willing to push himself to keep the pleasurable stimulation going.
7)      Just before he’s ready to break stop the flogging, turn the ring back down and begin slowly teasing him with your hands.
8)      Tell him to ask for permission when he’s ready to cum.
9)      When he asks, refuse to grant permission.
10)    Put him over your knee and spank him until he yelps and wriggles. 
11)    Turn the ring back up to its highest setting and force him to cum into the sheath tied around him. 
12)    Make him thank you for the pain and the pleasure before letting him get up.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Front Page Kink

Hoo-ray for the Westword

The cover story for our local alternative (yet still mostly pretty tame) weekly newspaper here in the metro area is "Kink of the Jungle"

Laid out a bit like a wild-life documentary, the article covers the basic who, what, and why of being kinky in a straight-forward, friendly and non-scandalous tone.

The article is several pages long, and included numerous pen and ink illustrations. 

On the Westword site there is even a A Glossary of Kinky Terms.

This is not the first time the Westword has braved printing kink-related articles. A few  years ago they printed a story on a local club's battle with some local zoning officals. But this is far more straight forward and in depth.

I am so, so so, very pleased with this article. It's so rare to find kink in the news, let alone have it presented in so positive a light. 

Jenn Wohletz, you rock!

And congrats to Love Slave and her club the Denver Sanctuary on getting some well deserved recognition for all she and her cohorts have done for our local scene. We would be so lost without you!

~Lady Koregan.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Is There Femdom in Baseball?

Is there Femdom in baseball?

There may very well be, at least in the stands anyway.

I was watching the Nationals cream our local Rockies the other day when I think I caught a glimpse of someone's Domestic Discipline dynamic.

An attractive older woman approached her seat, but stopped short. A man sitting there had his legs stretched out, blocking the row.

She gave him the look.

THAT look.

The look so well known by wayward males in trouble and the ladies who give it to them. That unmistakable look that, were it a hand, would be paddling the man right through the plastic seat.

He scrambled to his feet, apologizing as he did so. As the woman settled into her seat she leaned over to whisper into his ear. The man squirmed in his seat in a way as unmistakable as that look.

Whether he was in for a spanking, corner time, lines, or just extra chores, he was DEFINITELY in trouble when they got home.

I wonder if he enjoyed the rest of the game...

~Lady Koregan

Sunday, July 31, 2011

All's Fair In Love and Torment

Well, perhaps love is too strong a word. I like the kid. (kid? He's 25 actually, just a bit immature...)He's strong, well groomed, cute, and a serious pain puppy, but he's more an adored pet than anyone I could consider a real partner.

But he is fun! Just the kind of thing a Lady needs to cheer up her gloomy afternoon.

He came by just before dinnertime, a stolen half hour crammed in between his work, his school and the toddler that rules his life.

I put him over my knee for a bare bottom hand spanking. Then I used my new tiger-striped hairbrush. The brush popped against his already warm bottom cheeks, turning them a deep crimson.

But he's an odd little duck, that one is. The harder I spanked the harder he got. I could feel a tell tale dripping on my thigh.

Well now what was I going to do about that? With him still on my lap I slipped a rubber glove on my hand and coated the fingers with a special lube that had been spiced with a few drops of hot sauce.

He moaned as the first finger slid in. I left him waiting, gasping as the lube started to burn. Then I added another finger. And then a third. I worked the fingers of my right hand slowly in and out of his rectum while I leaned forward to spank him with a heavy bloodwood spatula in my left hand. He kicked, bucked, and panted. Each twist and wriggle caused deeper burning, making him moan loudly.

The dripping didn't stop.

I took the glove of and stood him up. With him watching me carefully I slowly pulled my thick, wide work belt off my waist. He whimpered in the back of his throat. He hates that belt.

I doubled the belt over and laid it on the edge of the bed. He lay down on the bed with a pillow under his hips, his eyes a mere few inches from that thick strip of leather. I placed a pillow under his hips, so that his erection was trapped between the pillow and the weight of his body.

"The rules are simple," I told him. "If you cum on my pillow you get the belt, do you understand?"

He nodded and whimpered again.

Then I began to spank him again with the spatula. He tried his best not to writhe or wriggle but I spanked him just hard enough that he had to. The more he thrashed the more he rubbed against the pillow. The more he rubbed against the pillow the closer he got to having an accident that would earn him a vicious strapping.

The boy is clever. He soon realized that if he inched his hips up just a bit he could wriggle his hips from side to side without brushing against the pillow.

Unfortunately, the position required him to open his legs, which left the insides of his thighs and a few other places vulnerable to the sting of the spatula. I targeted the soft flesh mercilessly. He quickly dropped back onto the pillow.

Soon he began to cry with soft, quiet sobs. His bottom was very, very very red and hot enough to melt ice. But I still didn't stop just yet.

No, I kept right on going until he just couldn't hold on any more...

~Lady Koregan

Friday, June 10, 2011


As I type this there is a gentleman sitting in the corner of my living room copying the Encyclopedia of Erotic Wisdom's entry on male orgasm out by hand.

He is serving an hour's detention with me for repeated use of foul language.

About 10 minutes ago he arrived for his appointment carrying the list of required supplies: A pad of paper, two sharpened pencils, a pencil sharpener and an eraser. He carefully laid the items out on the table for my inspection. They met with my approval and so the detention began.

Detentions served with me always begin and end with a dose of corporal punishment. I believe a sore bottom helps a "boy" focus on his task and drives home the point that detentions are a very unpleasant experience that is best avoided.

I lowered his pants and under shorts and ordered him to bend over the desk. He took his position and braced himself for six sharp paddle cracks across his bare bottom cheeks. He yelped at the first, moaned at the third and shed a few tears at the fourth.

Then, with his pants still around his ankles he sat his well reddened bottom down on a hard wooden chair to begin his tasks.

Detention rules are strict. He is not allowed to speak. He is not allowed to get up. He is not allowed to lift his feet off the floor or even shift in his seat to relieve the sting in his bottom. No snacks, no drinks, no music. Just the tedium of continuous writing and the throb of his bottom against the hard wooden seat.

He will have two tasks to complete.

When he is finished with the entry from the encyclopedia he will draw up a list of words he could use other than the four letter ones he cannot seem to stop spotting at every opportunity.

Once this is done I will escort him to the bathroom where he will have his mouth washed out with soap. The list is coming with us. He will read it aloud as he bends over the sink. He will receive a lick of the strap for each word he reads out.

Then we will come back in the living room and end his detention with another six crisp swats of the paddle.

On top of this, his work will be inspected and graded. He will receive another lick of the strap for each error found.

I believe it will be quite some time before he swears again.

Of course swearing is not the only thing I give paddlings or detention for. There are as many ways for a man to get himself in trouble as there are men. And unfortunately, not everyone has the good fortune to live close enough to an experienced disciplinarian to have real, in-person supervision.

However, I do offer online detentions supervised via internet and telephone for those who may think their own behavior could use a little improvement.

If this applies to you, report to me immediately.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Version of Customer Service

This will NOT do... this will NOT DO AT ALL!

I attempted to pay my cell phone bill last week. BOTH the phone and internet systems for paying the bill were out of order.

Finally, after multiple attempts a day for 3 days I got logged into my web account for the cell company and got a payment made. On the actual due date of the bill, mind you, not late.

Imagine my surprise then when I woke 2 days later to find my service disconnected. I call customer service. The computer won't let me through to the customer service desk unless I pay the bill. I can't talk to someone to tell them I've already payed the bill until I pay the bill.

I am NOT happy. Finally I crack the secret code and get a live person at the billing center who refuses to help me at all. So does his supervisor. They say the payment is pending and I shall have service restored as soon as it comes through. Which, by the way may be up to 48 hours after I've made the payment.

So Monday afternoon the service is still not restored. I call again, I use my new secret trick. the payment is still "pending". They will not tell me how long processing may take. In the meantime I STILL don't have service.

I called the Better Business Bureau. They are investigating but I haven't heard back yet.

Yesterday when I came home I checked my phone again. Still no service.

I made another call to the cell phone company. I explained calmly and clearly that I made a good faith payment on the day the bill was due, that I had filed complaints with the BBB AND the Colorado Consumer Council and that by the way I'd spoken to my bank and they were happy to help me pursue fraud charges if the company did not want to provide the service I'd paid for.

I made the customer service representative cry.

I still didn't get my service back but that at least got me a refund.

So I attempt to pay the bill again today. And they have the nerve to try to charge me a "convenience fee" for paying the bill by phone.

Ah, No.

They waived the fee, but while we were disputing it their computers crashed AGAIN! They've now asked me to call back in 2 hours to try to make my payment... AGAIN

I think It's time for some remedial customer service training for the entire company... aided by my hairbrush.