Sunday, November 6, 2011

How to Torment a Boy

I spent a fun hour this morning making a favorite boy squirm and beg for me.

It was his birthday, but his suffering was a present for me.

Here's how you do such a thing properly:

1)      Bind him in inventive ways that make him feel totally helpless while still leaving his most sensitive places vulnerably exposed.
2)      Place a vibrating ring in a strategic place and turn it on its lowest setting.
3)      Slowly begin a gentle flogging of his back and ass.
4)      Tell him he can ask you to stop at any time and you will, but that if you stop you will turn off the ring.
5)      Then tell him you will turn the ring up a setting every time you trade up to a more intense whip.
6)      See how far he’s willing to push himself to keep the pleasurable stimulation going.
7)      Just before he’s ready to break stop the flogging, turn the ring back down and begin slowly teasing him with your hands.
8)      Tell him to ask for permission when he’s ready to cum.
9)      When he asks, refuse to grant permission.
10)    Put him over your knee and spank him until he yelps and wriggles. 
11)    Turn the ring back up to its highest setting and force him to cum into the sheath tied around him. 
12)    Make him thank you for the pain and the pleasure before letting him get up.