Sunday, September 30, 2012

Speaking of Birthdays

WARNING: There's another one of those pictures at the bottom of this post.

So the Brunch topic at My Bottom Smarts this week was birthday spankings.

Well, I've given several of those. In fact it's a tradition with my "boys" that they not only get spanked on their own  birthdays, but on mine as well, so they all get two a year.

But Lance, being Lance, likes to take it a bit further. Every year I pick a fantasy. Every year Lance helps me make it come true.

And being that what we do goes a bit beyond spanking, I thought it was best to post it here on my own blog rather than on Bonnie's.

This year it was a butterfly board.  The idea of doing one has awed and fascinated me for years. For a long time I held back, partly due to feeling that doing one crossed some line that separated safe fun from pathology, and partly from not having met the right person to do it with yet.

Well, when I met Lance I knew I'd found the right person. It just took me 3 years after that to finally feel the time was right.

My birthday is actually in June. We had originally planned on doing it when he was down here then, but unfortunately the only time we could get together turned out to be a work night. We were rushed, stressed, and both very tired.  And well, we got distracted doing other things and wore ourselves out before we got around to it.

But Lance didn't forget. He'd promised me this. It was going to happen.

So when he was down here in September we tried again.

I took the day off from work. He came over in the early afternoon and we had a long, slow paced session that lasted for hours.

It began with me shaving him with an old fashioned shaving kit with a boar bristle brush and shaving soap. He stood in front of me naked, eyes closed, his cock gripped in my hand as I gently scraped the thick black hairs away.

Then there was a flogging, and taking my latigo strop to his wonderful round bottom, and then some other "warm up" play.

(Only Lance can consider having a quirt taken to his male anatomy a "warm up" activity.)*

Then it was time.

He lay back on my table. I leaned over and gave him a kiss. He was obviously ready. I fit pulled him through the hole in the foam board, framing him nicely against it's white background. Then I wiped down him, and the board, with rubbing alcohol. Then the needles came out. Eight of them, 6 in his ball sack, two in the cock.

It was, well, I don't think there are words to describe the experience. Our eyes met. He was smiling, I was smiling. Pure bliss, that's the only way to put it.

There is a place where the yammering of the mind turns off, self doubt fades, and you are so in the moment that you can feel with all that you are just how right everything is. This was that moment. That is, after all, why it is that we do this thing we do, to find those moments where you push yourself and find you're more than you ever thought you were.

He asked me if I wanted a picture. Of course I did. But there was one more thing to do first. Very carefully I placed a birthday candle in each of the needle hubs and lit them. I turned out the overhead lights.

And then I took my picture.

Lance in the Butterfly Board. Happy birthday to Me!

This is a side view of Lance in a the Butterfly board.  You can see the candles more clearly here. (And you know you're a true bookworm if you zoom in to check out the book titles rather than to get a better look at the needles. ;) )

*Gently and carefully, please! If doing this the whip must be used "Degan" style, flicked back and forth and just barely brushing those delicate bits. This is NOT the time to do you best cowgirl impression!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Why Would Anyone Want to Do That?

THAT INFERNAL BOOK strikes again!

I am close friends with the woman who runs the book department at my day job. Lunch will often find us sitting together either both eagerly reading or discussing books and articles we've delighted in recently. Often the manager will join us. 

 Sometimes that's nice. 

Sometimes it's just unfortunately awkward. 

Our boss is not a people person. She's a woman of a different era than my friend and I. She's more repressed, more well, let's just say she's not exactly sex friendly and she's certainly not kinky friendly at ALL. 

 At at times well, the gap between us is rather evident. 

 So my friend and I were dreading that inevitable day when we knew the topic of THAT INFERNAL BOOK would come up. 

 And it did... We knew it was coming. The boss looked around the room and then leaned in close so she could whisper:

 "Have either of you read that 50 Shades of Grey book?" 

 My friend and looked at each other with matching expressions of horror. We could NOT be having this conversation.... but we were.

 The book lady shook her head. I just said I couldn't get past the first few pages of the Amazon preview. We hoped that would end the boss's questions. No such luck.

 "Well," she said. She hesitated a moment and then continued. "I just don't understand what the big deal is. I mean is it like porn or something?" 

 I looked at the book lady. Brave as always, she took in a deep breath and answered the question. 

"Well, it's about sex, but not just that it's kind of about..." she rolled her eyes as she tried to come up with a term that would be accurate and not derogatory, but that the boss would understand. "well, kinky stuff," she finally finished.

 "Kinky stuff?!" cried the boss. "You mean like whips and chains and all that?"

 "Uh, something like that."

 "Why would anyone want to do that?" My friend looked at me. My turn, her face said. 

 And then I had about 3 seconds to make a decision. Had it been a different person, a different time, and different place, I would have chosen differently. I am open and honest about my lifestyle and I share it freely with some people. However, my employer is not one of them. 

 So I simply said "they must get some value out it. I believe they find it cathartic" 

 An image from a few nights earlier played in my mind as I spoke, the dark of my bedroom, the glow of candles, and the look of pure bliss on Lance's face as floated in the waves of subspsace.

 I don't usually post explicit photos here, but it was such a beautiful moment I had to capture it. And I'm going to share it, because it is the answer to the boss's question I really wanted to give her:

"Because sometimes it's art, that's why."
 ~Lady Koregan