Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Is There Femdom in Baseball?

Is there Femdom in baseball?

There may very well be, at least in the stands anyway.

I was watching the Nationals cream our local Rockies the other day when I think I caught a glimpse of someone's Domestic Discipline dynamic.

An attractive older woman approached her seat, but stopped short. A man sitting there had his legs stretched out, blocking the row.

She gave him the look.

THAT look.

The look so well known by wayward males in trouble and the ladies who give it to them. That unmistakable look that, were it a hand, would be paddling the man right through the plastic seat.

He scrambled to his feet, apologizing as he did so. As the woman settled into her seat she leaned over to whisper into his ear. The man squirmed in his seat in a way as unmistakable as that look.

Whether he was in for a spanking, corner time, lines, or just extra chores, he was DEFINITELY in trouble when they got home.

I wonder if he enjoyed the rest of the game...

~Lady Koregan