Thursday, September 8, 2011

Front Page Kink

Hoo-ray for the Westword

The cover story for our local alternative (yet still mostly pretty tame) weekly newspaper here in the metro area is "Kink of the Jungle"

Laid out a bit like a wild-life documentary, the article covers the basic who, what, and why of being kinky in a straight-forward, friendly and non-scandalous tone.

The article is several pages long, and included numerous pen and ink illustrations. 

On the Westword site there is even a A Glossary of Kinky Terms.

This is not the first time the Westword has braved printing kink-related articles. A few  years ago they printed a story on a local club's battle with some local zoning officals. But this is far more straight forward and in depth.

I am so, so so, very pleased with this article. It's so rare to find kink in the news, let alone have it presented in so positive a light. 

Jenn Wohletz, you rock!

And congrats to Love Slave and her club the Denver Sanctuary on getting some well deserved recognition for all she and her cohorts have done for our local scene. We would be so lost without you!

~Lady Koregan.