Sunday, June 3, 2012

50 Shades of Gaaaahhh!

God lord, people! Where has all of our kinky pride gone? Are we really going to let some fluffy little twit who writes vampire fan fiction become the voice of BDSM in America?


Have we lost our collective minds?

Now please don't think I'm condemning this pile of drivel without reading it--- I managed to get through 3 whole pages of the Amazon preview before my head exploded.

Are we really supposed to believe that in this digital age little miss reluctant interviewer has never heard of Google?

Oh please! She's sitting there with her phone in her hand in his waiting room and supposedly dying of curiosity, but she doesn't try to seach for a picture of the elusive Mr. Grey???...What, do they not have mobile internet in Canada or something?

Now if she'd searched and not been able to find a single picture then that would build some intrigue, forshadowing his um... eccentricities.

But her not even trying to look just makes her seem like an idiot.

And speaking of those eccentricities, what is up with that? Do we really need the "kinky people are all crazy" stereotype reinforced YET AGAIN?

Why can't mainstream media/pop culture every portray us as normal, healthy human beings?

Before you go raving about/praising/promoting this book ask yourself if the image it promotes is really how you want your friends and family to see you.

I certainly don't.

Sorry, but I don't think Ms. James really did us any favors here.

then again I could be wrong....


  1. Oh I agree with you Ms K, I read the whole thing, and kept waiting for it to get good..... guess what IT NEVER DID! But I guess the author is crying all the way to the bank ;(


  2. It never varies. Vanillas, and self proclaimed deviants from the pudding norm, will always want to write and read about stuff they believe they r attracted to and r fantasizing about, but r too scared of to practice for real. The funny and, well um....sad thing is that both parties don't know much of what's really going on in the velvet underground, and especially beyond that realm. But.....they couldn't care less. Safely barricaded within their reinforced comfort zone they feed and r fed the same nonsense over and over again, believing it’s the truth. Just like the ancient ones did sitting in Plato's cave.

    Should i care? Nah, but it’s nice to pester and ridicule these people now and then. They can’t stand to be criticized, made fun of, and not be taken seriously ;)

  3. wrote a new novel. It is Fifty Shades for the assertive woman. Its the reverse scenario of a submissive intern guy and his dominant female boss.
    Here's the link: